Wired & wireless tech combo for optimal vibration monitoring

Optimize your Vibration Monitoring System by Combining Wired and Wireless Technology

Snap Signal Offers Predictive Maintenance Solutions

Minor performance changes can be difficult to predict without the proper tools. Condition monitoring plays an essential role in predictive maintenance by helping to lower costs, reduce downtime, and increase productivity.

Machine vibration is often caused by imbalanced, misaligned, loose, or worn parts. As vibration increases, so can damage to the machine. By monitoring motors for increases in vibration, problems can be detected before they become severe and result in unplanned production stoppages. Banner’s vibration and temperature sensors can serve as “check engine” lights for machines, especially those of which are being monitored remotely.

Snap Signal offers the flexibility to monitor vibration for large numbers of motors with one easy-to-install solution. Multiple vibration sensors can be used via a wire consolidation product, such as a four-port splitter or tee. From there, the sensor data can be connected directly to the DXMR90, or the data can be sent wirelessly to R70 serial data radios. From the DXR90, data can be brought to the cloud where dashboards are set up for visualization, text, and email alerts, to alert personnel to check the motors before they fail.

Model and Description:

  • DXMR90-X1 - Industrial Controller with edge processing and cloud capability
  • R70SR9MQ - R70 Serial Data Radio
  • CSB4-M1251M1250 - 4-port Parallel Wired M12 Splitter
  • PSW-24-1 - Power Supply 
  • QM30VT2 - Vibration and Temperature Sensor
  • BWA-BK-013 - Magnetic Mounting Bracket for QM30VT Sensors
  • CSB-M1250M1250-T - Tee Connector
  • MQDC-4506SS - M12 Extension Cordset
  • STP-M12D-406 - 4-pin M12 D-code to RJ45 Shielded Ethernet Cordset

Lengths for cordsets and splitters listed are examples. Please consult the Banner Engineering website or reach out to an Application Engineer for the correct lengths.

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