Identification of Single-Use Applications

In the pharmaceutical industry (particularly in hospitals) single-use products, such as blood plasma, are utilized every day. After the removal of such products from the outer packaging, it is difficult to determine in retrospect whether the product is still sterile. Due to the lack of space on the product, identification using a barcode is problematic. The same applies to the adhesion of labels, because the adhesive could diffuse in the tube and consequently contaminate the product.

Turck has developed special RFID tags that solve the problem. These are simply affixed to the tube of the single-use product using special cable ties. A handheld device allows data to be read conveniently.


  • Identification with the BL ident RFID system also increases process safety with single-use applications
  • HF RFID tags can easily be positioned on packaging and connection materials

  • The tag is attached to the tube with special cable ties

  • The tag can be read out conveniently with the handheld device

  • The tags are available in various shapes and sizes

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