Vehicle at Loading Dock

For an efficient flow of products in and out of a truck, it is important that operators are immediately notified of a truck’s arrival.

In order to accurately detect the presence of vehicles at a loading dock, a reliable sensor is needed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

When a vehicle moves into position at a loading dock, Banner Engineering's R-GAGE QT50R Radar Sensor senses the vehicle and sends a signal to workers inside the warehouse for loading and unloading. The radar sensor can sense trucks up to 15 meters away, for quick and easy detection to alert operators. Status monitoring with the R-Gage sensor is simple with highly bright, visible LED indicators.


  • Reliable detection in all weather conditions.
  • Accurate distance measurement reduces false triggering from passing trucks.
  • Faster Call to Action increases productivity.

  • Truck Detection at an Outdoor Loading Dock with Banner's QT50R High Sensitivity Radar Sensor

Banner's R-Gage uses Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar to ensure reliable detection of moving or stationary vehicles. The R-GAGE Radar Sensor functions are unaffected by wind, rain, fog, light, humidity and air temperature. The sensor also detects objects up to a specified distance, ignoring objects and backgrounds beyond the set point. The sensor is easy to setup with simple DIP switches. 

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