Controlling the hydraulic pressure in pressing plants

Piezoresistive pressure sensors assist users in carrying out predictive maintenance on presses

Pressure sensors monitor the hydraulic pressure in presses, in which steel and aluminum sheets are drawn, bent and punched. If an overpressure occurs due to a forming defect, this is detected immediately and reported to the controller. The PS+ series of intuitively operable sensors not only features high overpressure resistance but can also withstand the vibrations in pressing plants. The absence of mechanical operating elements enable protection classes IP6K6K, IP6K7 and IP6K9K.

Your Benefits

  • Process analysis using the stored minimum/maximum pressure values helps to reduce downtimes
  • Flexible mounting thanks to freely rotatable display and overhead installation 
  • Optimum adaptation to complex applications through hysteresis and filter functions

  • PS+ sensors measure the hydraulic pressure of car body presses

  • The alphanumeric multi-color display offers excellent visibility

  • Turck PS+ pressure sensors are robust and intuitive to operate

Condition Monitoring via IO-Link

Another feature also helps to prevent machine downtimes: Users can read out minimum and maximum pressures via IO-Link, identify any irregularities and proactively deal with the issue. This function is similar to a digital “drag pointer with long-term storage" and helps users with continuous condition monitoring of machines.

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