High-Speed Tablet Counting With DF-G2

In pharmaceutical packaging, products such as tablets, capsules and gel caps need to be accurately counted to achieve the proper number of tablets in each bottle.

Pharmaceutical and medical industries use a dispensing mechanism to ensure the tablets separate from one another and don’t fall into the bottle side-by-side or simultaneously. All of this is done at a very fast speed, creating the need high-speed, small-object counting sensor that can ensure tablets are accurately dispensed.


  • Built in totaliser for local control and reduced demands on machine control systems.
  • Self adjusting to compensate for dust build up and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Fast response speed and detection of small sizes tables or pills, up to 3 mm.

  • High-Speed Tablet Counting With Banner's DF-G2 Fiber Optic Amplifier 

Banner Engineering’s DF-G2 small object detection fiber amplifier is ideal for small object detection and counting applications. The DF-G2 amplifier has a fast response speed and can detect extremely small sizes, such as 3 mm tablets or pills. When the tablets fall into bottles, it fires an output to the DF-G2 fiber amplifier, which keeps count of tablets.

The DF-G2 was designed to achieve the fastest response rate, achieving 10 microsecond response time with 5 microsecond repeatability. Models with IO-Link enable a point-to-point communication link between a master device and a sensor, facilitating remote monitoring, teaching, and configuration. 

Banner’s DF-G2 Small Object Detection Fiber Amplifier offers various expert-style teaching and manual adjust sensitivity with a rocker switch. Easy user interface allows for simple TEACH and SET methods with a single push of a button. Economy display mode reduces amplifier power consumption by 25%. Cross talk avoidance algorithm allows two sensors to operate in close proximity.


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