Body Detection in Automobile Production

RFID UHF Read/Write Head Q300

The challenge of just-in-sequence production

Just-in-sequence production in the automotive industry requires information about the current location of individual vehicles at all times. In addition to the components, the car bodies are also equipped with RFID tags. The tags are often mounted in the wheel arches. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), which is used directly by the control system to assign production steps and components, is stored on these tags. The metallic environment here leads to reflections that can cause overshoots or reading holes.

Your Benefits

  • Maximum acquisition rate by polarization switching
  • High investment security of the RFID installation without interfering with existing IT systems
  • Minimal installation effort thanks to Power over Ethernet (PoE) and integrate I/Os

  • In metallic environments, the Q300's polarization switching ensures maximum detection rates

  • A single ethernet cable is sufficient for electrical installation of the Q300

Maximum tag detection rate

The polarization switching of the RFID UHF read/write head Q300 ensures that tags are recognized on several polarization planes. It maximizes the detection rate and thus ensures process quality. This saves customers expensive algorithms in the middleware or mechanical measures to ensure the detection rate.

The RFID UHF read/write head Q300-CDS can be used immediately and without user intervention in the three Ethernet networks Profinet Ethernet/IP or Modbus TCP. This is a great advantage for international manufacturers with controllers of different networks. Power over Ethernet even eliminates the need for a separate power supply.

The Q300 can be connected directly to controllers or other systems via Ethernet. Users do not need an additional interface. This means that intervention in the existing application is very minimal. With its flexibility, the Q300 increases the investment security of the UHF application.

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