Clear and Tipped Bottle Detection on Depalletizer

In bottle filling applications, lines moving at high speeds are used to efficiently transfer bottles through the various stages of the filling process. A tipped bottle could cause a jam on the line, resulting in costly down time and damaged products. By promptly alerting operators of tilted bottles this problem can be fixed with minimal downtime.

Banner Engineering solved the application with a pair of QS30ELVC clear object detection retroreflective sensors, which are ideal for detecting clear bottles and alerting operators of tipped containers. One lower sensor is positioned to detect the bottles, and one sensor is placed at the top to detect if the bottle is upright.


  • Reduced down time and machine jams by reliably detecting tipped over, clear bottles before they enter critical areas.
  • Automatic dust and contamination compensation increases reliability and reduces maintenance.
  • Withstands harsh envionments including washdown.

  • Clear and Tipped Bottle Detection with Banner's QS30ELVC Clear Object Detection Retroreflective Sensors

The QS30ELVC has a 500 microsecond response time to accurately detect bottles in high-speed detection applications. The TEACH mode is easy to use with just a simple touch of a button. The sensor has an automatic compensation algorithm that compensates for any dust or contamination. Banner's QS30ELVC sensor is also suitable for harsh environments because it is made with an IP67 NEMA 6 housing and 1200 psi washdown rating per NEMA PW12.

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