Detection of Pigs

Inductive proximity sensors guarantee safe and contactless detection of pigs

The fact that products are free of impurities is the be-all and end-all in every industry. However, this is particularly important in the chemical industry, where critical products are usually processed. Pipelines in particular are susceptible to contamination and deposits, which ultimately mean a loss of energy. Pigging systems prevent corrosion and contamination of the pipelines. The pig is transported through the pipe, which is cleaned and calibrated.

For the chemical industry, twin pigging systems in tandem operation and with appropriate flushing processes have proven to be particularly suitable. For effective cleaning, it is important that the position of the pigs is accurately recorded. Inductive proximity sensors are best suited due to their non-contact mode of operation.

Yout Benefits

  • Reliable detection due to high magnetic field sensitivity
  • Avoidance of secondary switching points through magnetic-inductive technology
  • Simple installation thanks to standard M12 threaded barrel
  • Usable worldwide due to worldwide approvals (IEC-Ex, ATEX, FM, SIL2 etc.)

The magnetic-inductive proximity sensors BIM-EM12E-Y1X from Turck are actuated by magnetic fields and are therefore able to detect permanent magnets through non-ferromagnetic materials (e.g. wood, plastic, non-ferrous metal, aluminum, stainless steel). This makes it possible to achieve high switching distances even with smaller designs.

With the DMR31-15-5 actuating magnet, Turck sensors achieve a particularly high switching distance. This opens up a wide range of detection possibilities, especially in confined installation conditions or other difficult conditions, as are often encountered in the chemical industry.

Turck's magnetic-inductive proximity sensors in combination with the actuating magnets ensure reliable detection of the pigs, thus enabling reliable separation of different liquids in pipe systems.

  • Pigging systems are used for cleaning pipelines

  • Pigging systems are used for cleaning pipelines

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