Equipment Compartment Illumination on Fire Engines

Maintenance doors and equipment compartments on mobile machines must be illuminated quickly and efficiently when opened. LED technology is the ideal solution. The lamps require very little energy, yet they are robust and reliable. As a result, the vehicles are always ready for use.Banner Engineering's WLS15 Series Low Power LED Strip Light provides numerous energy-efficient solutions for illuminating work areas and enclosure interiors with intense, long-lasting and durable cool white light.

Your Benefits

  • Space-saving LED strip ensures uniform illumination in equipment compartments
  • Energy-saving LED technology
  • Optimized for mobile applications

  • The equipment compartments on the fire engine are illuminated using Banner's low-profile LED lighting

  • Banner's low-profile LED lighting strips provide even, extremely bright cabinet illumination

  • Banner Engineering's WLS15 low profile strip light to enhance visibility

The low-profile LED lighting strips provide even, extremely bright cabinet illumination, and they conveniently fit in the enclosure and can be plugged into any local power source. The WLS15 are available as either stand-alone models, or as cascade models that can be "daisy-chained" together for a conitnuous length of lighting with a minimum of wiring. Banner’s LED Strip Lights have a rugged construction and polycarbonate shell to resist shock and vibration while remaining lightweight. The strip lights also draw half the current of other lights for a low power device and high energy savings; and provide stability in the presence of line voltage fluctuations. 

Further Information

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