Body Shop – Detection of Welding Nuts

Nuts are often welded onto metal parts to permanently attach components, but optoelectronic sensor technology for the detection of nuts often fails due to light reflection or oil film on the lens. 

The solution is Turck's unique welding nut sensor, which inductively detects the nut and affixes it simultaneously. The welding nut is placed on the sensor pin and welded to the reverse of the metal sheet by the welding head.

Your Benefits

  • The welding nut sensor prevents costly rework due to non-existent welding nuts
  • A stainless steel centring sleeve protects the sensor and guarantees the correct positioning of the welding nut

  • Welding nut detection prevents off-spec production

  • Turck's welding nut sensor is unique on the market

  • The sensor simultaneously affixes the nut

  • Various welding nut sensor models

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