Inspection of tips on a welder

In automated welding aplications, it's important to maintain the overall quality of the welders to check for worn, improperly milled or missing welding caps. If a welding tip fails inspection, a maintenance signal is sent to the  process controller, and the welding operation halts.

Banner Engineering's R55F high color resolution sensor checks whether the tips on a welder are within specifications, so the part being manufactured also is within specifications. In this harsh environment, the color contrast sensor uses glass fibers for enhanced durability and heat resistance.



  • Accurate measurement eliminates waste.
  • Ensures that the weld quality is maintained.
  • Durable, heat resistant, glass fibre.


  • Automotive Welding Tip Inspection with Banner's R55F High Color Resolution Sensor

The R55F reliably detects 16 levels of grayscale at up tp 10,000 actuations per second, delivering outstanding color contrast sensitivity. It is easy to adjust with push-button programming options. Banner's sensor was developed to provide simplicity of operation to tight areas for color mark (registration) sensing applications. 

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