Identification of Hose Connections in Ex Zone 1

Identification in explosive areas is particularly demanding. RFID systems can be used here in complex pressure housings. Turck's inductive identification system, TIT, combines multiple intrinsically safe sensors in one housing. They record metal targets in the contrasting caps of the housing, which represent a binary code. Analysis takes place via traditional inputs for intrinsically safe binary signals (e.g. via excom). The system is only enabled once the correct connection is identified.  In this way, the system ensures reliable and tamper-proof hose connections also in ex zones. Employee, process and system safety can therefore also be guaranteed in zone 1.


  • The identification of hose connections increases the system reliability and personnel protection in explosive areas (Ex zone 1)
  • Intrinsically safe identification through inductive switches with coded contrasting caps
  • Turck develops customized solutions for customers for identification in Ex zone 1 (without pressurized capsule housing)

  • The intrinsically safe sensors read the binary code in the body cap

  • Turck produces the TIT system as a customer-specific solution

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