Long-Range Inspection in Automotive Assembly

Proper installation of vehicle components is crucial in the automotive industry. To prevent costly downtime and assembly errors, Banner Engineering offers a solution with the LT7, a laser sensor with advanced "time-of-flight" technology for precise, long-distance gauging with ranges up to 250 m. The LT7 can detect the presence and position of a car seat in an automotive assembly line.


  • "Time-of-flight" technology for precise, long-distance gauging.
  • Prevents costly downtime and assembly errors.
  • Long sensing range and narrow beam for flexible sensor installation.

  • Long-Range Inspection in Automotive Assembly with Banner's LT7 Time-of-flight Laser Sensor

Offered in retroreflective models with two discrete outputs (PNP) for extremely long ranges up to 250 m, the LT7 is also available in diffuse models with two discrete outputs (PNP) and one 4-20 mA output for long-range background suppression up to 10 m. For easy troubleshooting provides two alarm outputs with ongoing LCD.

Banner's LT7 continually displays sensing distance in millimeters or hundredths of an inch and delivers excellent ±10 mm linearity. It also offers the choice of RS-422 or SSI-compatible serial connection. For accurate alignment uses visible Class 2 alignment laser. 

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