Remote Signal I/O

There are many different types of chemical plants. Some media are explosive, others are not; some are valuable, others not so much. Therefore, Turck offers the right IO system for signal connection for any application: As system IO solution in the control cabinet or as remote IO in the field, from simple HART-enabled BL20 systems with voltage redundancy right up to the high-availability, fully redundant IO system excom. All I/O systems are among the most compact ones in their market area.


  • The modular I/O systems excom and BL20 support application-optimized signal processing
  • Use in the non-Ex and Ex areas in zones 1 and 2, as well as 21 and 22
  • High system availability through redundant communication (excom) and power supply (excom and BL20)
  • Support of all standard fieldbus protocols

  • excom as a remote IO solution saves space in the control cabinet

  • excom as a system IO solution can easily be integrated in key control systems

  • BL20 is also suited for pharmaceutical applications due to HART permeability and voltage redundancy

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