IP67 Hybrid Module Processes Safety Signals at the Gripper on a Press

The TBPN processes safe, standard and IO-Link signals directly at the manipulator's vacuum gripper

On presses used for bodywork construction in the automotive industry, the sheet metal parts being processed are frequently moved in and out of the press by manipulators using vacuum grippers. To do this, the pressure of the vacuum grippers must be reliably monitored via pressure switches and other sensors, as people in the vicinity of the press would be at risk in the event of an undetected drop in pressure. In addition, the end positions of the sheet metal parts are monitored and the drives of the handling system are safely switched off in the event of an emergency. The compressed air is also monitored via standard I/Os. 

Your Benefits

  • Faster and safe commissioning thanks to stand-alone tool testing and simple wiring
  • Reduced programming effort due to simple integration of the devices in Profinet via IO-Link
  • Cost reduction by using only a single I/O component
  • Increased flexibility as the tool can also work independently

  • All signals from the gripper tool are processed by the TBPN module and routed to the safety PLC

  • When performing an offline test, the safety controller integrated in the module controls the application

  • The stand-alone testing function speeds up the process of commissioning the tool in the final press

Three signal types via one I/O module

Instead of polling all signals via multiple different I/O components and routing these signals to the controller and safety controller, Turck has a single device that can handle this task — the TBIP hybrid safety I/O module with integrated safety controller. Two of the safe I/Os are used to monitor the emergency stop and the pressure sensor, with the corresponding signals being forwarded to the higher-level safety PLC. The non-safe inputs are used to monitor the stroke and the Z-axis. A pressure switch is connected via I/O-Link. 

Faster commissioning thanks to stand-alone testing

The major difference to the previous solution featuring multiple different components is that the tool can also be tested without a higher-level safety PLC. The module's internal safety controller assumes the role of safety controller for the gripper. When the tool in the manipulator is used in live operation, the central safety PLC controls the safety technology.

Simple IO-Link integration

Integrating the I/O-Link components is really easy thanks to our Simple IO-Link Device Integration (SIDI). Using SIDI, I/O-Link devices can be integrated into the control environment as easily as Profinet devices.

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