Flexible and versatile: the K30 Pro optical sensor with easy- to-configure sensor modes, measuring ranges and status indication

Programmable LED Indicator with Optical Sensor

Turck offers the K30 Pro optical sensor as an integrated solution for configurable sensor and indication functions

Turck's K30 Pro optical sensor is a space saving and cost-effective solution for applications that require both an optical sensor and a multicolor LED indicator. The highly compact 30 mm diameter device was developed by Turck's optical sensor partner Banner Engineering and is designed to detect objects within an adjustable range from 20 to 1,000 mm for clear operator guidance.

Teach modes and operation for various applications

 In order to meet the requirements of different areas of application, the K30 Pro has different teach modes.

Your Benefits

  • Configurable detection and indication functions for different application areas
  • Intuitive configuration for a host of applications via Pro Editor software
  • Insensitivity to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and ambient light 
  • M12 connector for easy installation and quick disconnect

These include object mode for detecting an object within a specified area, background mode for detecting an object with background suppression, and window mode for detecting an object in a range between two threshold values. This flexibility prevents unnecessary triggering of the sensor and makes the K30 Pro fit for various applications in the automotive industry, process industry, material handling and conveyor technology. 

User-friendly installation and operation

The user-friendly K30 Pro optical sensor is easy to connect via M12 connector and quick to disconnect if required. The non-contact operation of the sensor also prevents any possible contamination of the device by the user. 

The free Pro Editor software enables indication colors, ranges and logic to be configured easily and intuitively onsite. Thanks to IP65 protection, the sensor is ideally equipped for use in demanding environments. The device is also insensitive to ambient light and electromagnetic interference, which ensures reliable and accurate detection.


  • Automotive
  • Material handling
  • Food & beverage
  • Pharma
  • Chemical
  • Logistics


  • Multicolor display with optical sensor
  • Measuring range from 20 to 1000 mm
  • Adjustable detection capability with different operating modes



All Details about the K30 Pro Optical Sensors

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