Increase Machine Uptime

Let Your Machines Tell You When They’re Low on Materials. Snap Signal Can Help.

Your machines need a constant supply of materials to keep production going. Knowing when they’re running low is critical. Snap Signal provides this data and makes it available for viewing anywhere it’s needed.

Snap Signal lets you keep your current communications network in place. Simply tee into existing analog sensors that measure roll diameter. The sensor data is converted to a unified serial protocol via Snap Signal converters and sent to a DXMR90 Controller, which can bring this valuable data to Banner Cloud Data Services (CDS) via an ethernet connection. The information may be visualized anywhere in the world on a dashboard, and call-for-parts messages can be sent automatically to people in the plant via SMS and email. At the machine level, an LED light, like the Banner WLS15 PRO, can also be used to indicate material level.

Model and Description:

  • DXMR90-X1 - Industrial Controller with edge processing and cloud capability
  • T30UXUA - Ultrasonic Sensor with Analog Voltage Output
  • S15C-U-MQ - Snap Signal converter that converts analog voltage signals into Modbus
  • WLS15PXRGB0360DSSQP - WLS Pro Indicator Light
  • CSB-M1250M1250-T - Tee connector
  • CSB-M1248M1241 - Parallel Wired M12 Splitter
  • MQDC-4506SS - M12 Extension Cordset
  • STP-M12D-406 - 4-pin M12 D-code to RJ45 Shielded Ethernet Cordset

Lengths for cordsets and splitters listed are examples. Please consult the Banner Engineering website or reach out to an Application Engineer for the correct lengths.

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