Bring In IO-link Sensor Data for Tank Level Applications Wirelessly!

With Banner’s IO-link masters you can bring back IO-link sensor data wirelessly. For example, an IO-link T30R radar sensor mounted on the top outer surface of a tank to monitor tank level. In this configuration, the sensor's signal is able to penetrate most plastic-based tanks to measure the level of contained liquids.

Using T30R radar sensors, Banner’s IO-link master, R70 serial data radios, and the DXMR90 Industrial controller, we can develop a wireless monitoring system for multiple tank level measurements that is easy to set up, interpret the results, and monitor locally and through a cloud-based system. This setup makes it easy to bring IO-link sensor data from remote clusters of IO-link sensors. This system can report and send alarms on user-specified levels locally via outputs to lights and relays, or via emails and text messages using a single T30R sensor per tank. Information can be sent to the cloud by connecting to the local area network (LAN) with an Ethernet cable directly to the DXMR90 Industrial Controller. Data can also be sent directly to a PLC or SCADA via Modbus TCP, Ethernet IP, and PROFINET.

Model and Description:

  • DXMR90-X1 - Industrial Controller with Edge Processing and Cloud Capability
  • PSW-24-1 - Power Supply
  • R70SR9MQ - R70 Serial Data Radio
  • R90C-4K-MQ - 4-port IO-link Master with RS485 Comms
  • T30R-1515-KIQ - T30R IO-link Radar Sensor
  • CSB-M1250M1250-T - M12 Tee Connector
  • MQDC-4506SS - M12 Extension Cordset
  • STP-M12D-406 - 4-pin M12 D-Code to RJ45 Shielded Ethernet Cordset

Lengths for cordsets and splitters listed are examples. Please consult the Banner Engineering website or reach out to an Application Engineer for the correct lengths.

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