Battery Production: IO-Link Fluid Sensors Monitor Calendering

IO-Link complete solution guarantees production quality by monitoring roller pressure, temperature and diameter with electrode calendering

Calendering is one of the most critical process steps when manufacturing lithium ion battery cells. In this process, several rotating and heated roller pairs compress the copper foil (anode) and aluminum foil (cathode) coated on both sides. The film is then rolled up again and transferred to the next process step. The hydraulically driven roller pairs generate here a precisely defined pressure that must be maintained at all times. Any deviation from this value leads to a deterioration in the quality and thus the performance of the battery cells. Excessive pressure can even damage the substrate.

Your Benefits

  • Extensive status monitoring through flexible output signals 
  • Easy configuration and efficient wiring thanks to uniform IO-Link standard
  • Reliable data export through worldwide standardized point-to-point communication protocol
  • Precise pressure measurement with diagnostic options

  • The roller pressure during calendering is critical for the quality of the battery cells

  • Turck's RU80D ultrasonic sensor enables comprehensive measurement of the roller diameter.

  • IO-Link fluid sensors monitor roller pressure and temperature for electrode calendering  

  • Turck's compact multiprotocol I/O modules is provided with eight IO-Link master channels

More efficient calendering thanks to digital sensor data

 A complete IO-Link solution consisting of sensors and suitable infrastructure monitors the interaction of all process components and guarantees optimum calendering. Turck's TBEN-L4-8IOL is used as the IO-Link master. The compact multiprotocol I/O module provides eight IO-Link master channels and is installed in the control cabinet. The robust pressure and temperature sensors of Turck's Fluid+ series are installed inside the hydraulics in the plant and capture and monitor the measured values in battery production. The PS+ pressure sensors ensure optimum and constant pressure so that the substrate is provided with an even surface structure and the required porosity. Inside the plant, TS+ temperature sensor not only monitor the temperature of rollers but also the liquid used to heat the rollers. IO-Link enables easy parameterization and commissioning as well as any device replacement in battery production.

Calendering without unscheduled downtimes thanks to seamless roller change

The carrier foil is fed into the processing machine via rollers. Empty rollers have to be detected in time to be replaced in order to prevent an unplanned production stop. This requires a complete measurement of the roller diameter. Turck's RU80D ultrasonic sensors enable the non-contact detection of the metallic carrier foils. Their measurement accuracy is also not affected by environmental factors such as dust, making them ideal for this application.

Turck's complete IO-Link solution provides precise measured values as well as additional data for self-diagnostics and optimization of the process. This prevents the occurrence of any unscheduled and expensive downtimes.

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