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Just-in-sequence Bumper Identification

JIS (just in sequence) productions benefit from a component identification directly on the component, and which can be utilised by Tier 1 and by automotive manufacturers alike. The Turck UHF-RFID systems make such a solution a reality. Turck and their integration partners have created a solution that guarantees reliable UHF identification in the near field, as well as over long distances. In addition to the connection of HF and UHF readers, Turck's modular RFID system BL ident now also allows the connection of trigger signals to BL gateways.

Your Benefits

  • UHF smartlabels for the RFID system BL ident are attached directly to the bumper and form the basis for highly efficient bumper manufacture and later JIS delivery (just in sequence) to the automotive manufacturer
  • The data carriers allow the anytime unique identification of bumper types and versions
  • Intelligent further processing of the RFID data all the way to MES and ERP systems

  • The worker places the bumper in the transport box indicated by the system

  • The display signals a fault in case of incorrect placement

  • Turck's UHF Read/write head TN865-Q175

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