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Contactless Verification of Transport Pallets

Sensors on the transport pallets or workpiece carriers can be easily connected to their respective processing stations via TURCK inductive couplers. The couplers contactlessly transmit data and energy. Dynamic pairing furthermore allows the coupling of a primary part with multiple secondary parts. The combination with TURCK I/O hub even allows an identification of the workpiece carrier without the need for an additional RFID installation. The primary component of the coupler serves as I/O link master, and transmits up to eight switching signals via the TBIL hub.

Your Benefits

  • The inductive coupler NIC allows contactless and therefore wear-free transmission of energy and data to the sensors/actuators on the workpiece carrier (WC)
  • The relevant pallet is uniquely identifiable via the I/O hub on the WC without the need for any further intervention
  • The coupler transmits a 12 W output across a max. air interface of 7 mm

  • The inductive couplers allow wear-free signal and energy transmission

  • The workpiece is uniquely identified via the I/O hub on the workpiece carrier

  • I/O hub TBIL

  • Inductive coupler NIC

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