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Metal press with tool identification

The large metal presses must always have the correct tools inserted. An automatic identification using RFID prevents errors. Turck's RFID system BL ident provides the required operating distances and high protection types. Turck's inductive proximity switches verify the correct positioning of the metal sheets in the press. These switches display an impressive magnetic field immunity and offer maximised operating distances. The combination of RFID and inductive proximity switches ensures smooth production workflows and prevents costly down times. Read/write heads and proximity switches can both be integrated in the same Turck I/O solutions.

Your Benefits

  • The RFID system BL ident ensures the unique identification of the correct pressing tools
  • Inductive sensors verify the presence and correct position of the inserted metal sheets
  • System crashes and downtimes are therefore eliminated

  • Metal press with exchangeable inserted tools

  • The solution combines presence detection with tool identification

  • Inductive coupler NIC

  • I/O hub TBIL

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